We set out to create one of the most unique and inspiring recording studios on the east coast. Built on the philosophy of a creativity-first inclusive atmosphere, we look forward to bringing your project to life.


The Studio

CAKO is a beautiful and vibrant recording studio built in a 120 year old church that boasts 20ft ceilings and 1800+ square foot live room that can accommodate projects both big and small. We utilize a “one room” studio design that allows maximum creativity and collaboration. The entirety of the sanctuary and altar are open, creative spaces. One section of the enormous live room is acoustically treated and serves as the listening/control room. We call it “The Hut”. Within the hut we can enjoy a tight, treated acoustic environment suitable for mixing and critical listening all while staying in the same space.

Our Story

We are an independently owned business located in PA’s beautiful and fast-growing Lehigh Valley. Operated by the husband and wife team Derril & Dana Sellers, Cako was created out of their passion for music, art, and film.

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Gear List


Pipe Organ: 1920’s MP Moller
with Carillon Bells
Assorted guitars and basses: Gibson, Fender, Rickenbacker etc…
Fender Rhodes Mk II 73
Roland Juno 60
Moog Matriarch
Nord Electro III
Moog MiniMoog
Roland Ju-06
Behringer PolyD
Korg Volca FM
Korg MS2000B
Mesa Boogie Buster! Bass 200
Acoustic b200h
Ampeg v4b
Hartke 3500 Transient Attack
Custom 5e3 “Tweed” amp in Oak Cabinet
Egnator Tweaker
Ampeg BA 115 x2
Ampro 60’s projector cab
Pearl Symphonic Bass Drum 32″x32″
26″ Stadium PA Horn
Hammond Cadette Organ
Sho-Bud Pedal Steel
Ernie Ball Audiophile 2×10 w/horn
Gretsch Catalina Club kit 18″ kick
Mapex Saturn kit 22″ kick


SSL 6048 E/G+ 40 channel mixer
Manley VoxBox
Daking Mic-Pre One
Dav Electronics Broadhurst Gardens 1
Neve Portico 5012
Demeter VTMP-2b
Heritage Audio 2264JR
CAPI VP28 x2
API 550B
DBX 580 x2
Universal Audio 4-710D
Hafler MP100T
Charter Oak PEQ-1
Stam SA4000
Ashly PQX 571
DBX 160x x3


Focal Trio 6 Be Monitors
Golden Tube Audio SE-40
Golden Tube SEP 2 Tube Preamp
Acoustat Spectra III Electrostatic speakers
Martin Logan Vantage ESLs
Apogee AD-16x
Apogee DA-16x
Apogee Rosetta 800 x2
Hearback Pro Headphone system
Mackie HR824 monitors
Avid Artist Mix


Voice Over
5.1 Surround Film Mixing
Sound Design
Live Event Recording Streaming
Marketing/Creative Support


218 W Pennsylvania Ave
Pen Argyl, PA, 18072

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